Antonyme was created in 2012 in Paris. Behind this new line of leather goods: the Nat & Nin designers, Nathalie and Ninny. The two sisters inherited early on their passion for leather from their parents, leather artisans for over 30 years learning their trade from the most prestigious French Maisons. Self-taught, they put to better use the family’s learned craft and created Nat & Nin in 2005 when they were only 19 and 25 years old.

And what a family legacy! Now Anthony, the little brother has inspired Antonyme. He decided to chip in and the trio considered the creation of a new leather goods line entirely dedicated to men, still manufactured with the same attention, the same leather quality and finishing. Antonyme was born.


With Antonyme, explore new territories, bag in hand. Go on a road trip, all set with your week-end bag that will protect all your essentials. Also, play hero, by striding the pavement wearing your backpack. Mix fabrics, shake up styles. Get to be a preppy guy during weekdays and an adventurer on weekends, an amateur of functional bags and a style lover.

The collection for today’s perfect "ragazzo", at the same time chic and relaxed. Elegance and fabric. Basics carefully designed to be practical, solid and comfy on a daily basis. And interior compartments conceived to store documents and hi-tech gadgets.

To be as comfortable with your bag as with an old shoe.


We exclusively use cowhide leather from Italy, tanned according to EU regulations. No toxic chemical products interfere with the leather tanning process, certified to be nitrogen and heavy metal free. The production guarantees authentic and non-allergenic leather with a soft, pleasant and delicate feel.


Each color matches a particular type of leather. From leather to cotton canvas, we work different fabrics, for an original mix & match and just enough retro to be resolutely modern.

The leather (top grain leather)
Top grain leather is the noblest part and highest quality of leather that has retained its original surface displaying slight imperfections naturally present in the skin itself. Those markings and minor color variations are typical features of leathers left in a natural state rendering each pieces unique; and are entirely normal as it does not affect the high quality of the leather.

The benefit ? The leather’s nobility, the softness and the authentic feel, the delicate patina that will form over time and enhance the leather.

Vegetable leather
Vegetable leather has been tanned with organic tannin found in vegetables (sap, leaves, bark). The process offers a thicker leather result, raw and strong. A natural finish that becomes even more beautiful when aging.

The benefit ? Quality, sturdiness, natural feel and a retro look.

Split leather
Usually referred to as « vintage » here at Antonyme. The upper layers have been partially rubbed off to achieve a soft and velvety texture. More casual.

The benefit ? A « loose » look and an undeniable « roots » style, bringing up our trail-blazer and adventurer instincts.

Cotton canvas
Cotton canvas offer lighter products (and prices). We use thick quality canvas to guarantee comfort and solidity. Combined with leather, the textile provides an original and an emphasized mix & match, for an effortless casual chic look.

The benefit ? Featherweight and effortless, cool style.

Boiled wool
Just like canvas, boiled wool provides a limited bag weight, a rather daily sizeable asset. Offering a warm texture, soft and quilted, doing its job when paired with the elegance of leather. A subtle chic combo.

The benefit ? Lightweight quilted touch and elegant look.


Leather is a natural fabric that may deteriorate if appropriate care is not provided. Leather is truly an environmental sensitive fabric (humidity, heat, sun). Respecting certain habits to ensure a prolonged lifetime is crucial. In the course of time, keep in mind that leather will evolve naturally: that is what we call patina. That natural evolution of the leather will also display slight colors and texture variations which gives each bag a unique and genuine style.

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Caring tips
As a general rule, you are highly advised to avoid prolonged contact with water, sun, heat and oily substances, at the risk of permanent and irreversible damages. Without proper care or precaution, leather can be damaged prematurely (fading, stains, discoloration).

The first step? Waterproofing your bag. You are advised to use a neutral waterproofing spray for leather. Always test the product on a non visible and small surface before applying all over the bag and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Spray at a minimum distance of 30 cm in order to avoid rings on the leather. Renew the application every two or three months.

If the leather is wet, please remove the excess water with a soft and clean cloth and let it dry naturally. Avoid direct contacts with any heat sources.

Also avoid prolonged sun exposition of your bag. The dye may suffer and color might fade significantly. Even the moon rays may be harmful !

Beware of color transfer! Contact with any raw textiles and fabrics may cause color pigments to transfer during the first months of use. Please be careful not to associate a dark colored bag with light colored clothes, and vice versa (some textiles, according to quality, may also bleed on the leather).

Dust may be abrasive. If you do not use your bag we recommend keeping the bag stored in its dust bag, in a clean, well-ventilated, dry and dark place.

Oops, a stain! You need to act promptly to avoid the natural protection of leather from being attacked. In case of light marks, water and mild hand soap is enough. Wet a soft and clean cloth, lightly soak in some soap and gently pat the affected area to remove any traces. Let it dry naturally.

> Split leather :
You can take care of split leather with the help of a gentle brush to preserve the velvety feel. In case of stain, rub the surface with a rubber crepe brush.

> Cotton canvas :
Use a PH neutral soap and a clean wet cloth.

If the leather has been in contact with an oily substance, you may quickly sprinkle Sommieres soil that will absorb the excess and limit rings. In case of emergency and if no other choice, you can use dish soap to clean the stain: wet a clean and soft cloth, lightly soak dish soap and gently pat. Let it dry naturally.

Always test the product before, on a non visible part of the bag.

When in doubt, you can always ask a leather specialist that can advise you according to the leather type and the nature of the stain and direct you to the proper product to use.

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